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Copper Martin Garage Door

The Best Garage Doors In The Industry

Choosing the correct garage door can significantly upgrade the appearance of your home. Select from our wide range of different styles to find the right one that fits your home and needs.

We only install Martin Doors and we've learned that they are the best in the industry. Get the power, dependability, and performance you need to meet the everyday demands you have. All our doors come with a full lifetime warranty.

Custom garage doors

Whether you’re looking for a classic style to improve the look of your home, or an energy-efficient door to reduce your bills, call The Door Company.


We can custom-build a door in an array of styles and colors to suit the look you’re after, in aluminum or high-quality galvanized steel.

Looking for an upgrade?

Nothing beats the lasting beauty of wood. Have a hand-crafted wooden door custom- built for your home.


We will engineer and build the frames to ensure a beautiful door that will stand the test of time. Contact us for pricing details.


Choose a garage door that’s as unique as you or your home.

Martin Garage Doors